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  • A middle aged man with gray hair and beard jogging in blue jacket

Am I a Candidate for Anterior Hip Replacement

Why would I need a hip replacement?? What is an anterior hip replacement?e? How is a posterior hip replacement different from an anterior replacement?? What makes an anterior hip replacement a more effective option?? [...]

  • A middle aged man with gray hair and beard jogging in blue jacket

What to Expect After Knee Replacement?

What happens during knee replacement surgery? How long is the recovery after a knee replacement procedure? What happens after knee replacement surgery? What exercises can I do after having my knee replaced? The recovery [...]

How Long Does a Partial Knee Replacement Last?

Total knee vs. partial knee—what’s the difference? What are the benefits of a partial knee replacement? How long does a partial knee replacement last? How quickly will I recover from partial knee replacement surgery? [...]

  • Clegg Guatemala

Dr. Clegg Does Mission Trip in Guatemala

Travis Clegg, M.D., visited Guatemala on a mission trip with Faith In Practice this year. The surgical team consisted of 25 volunteers from across the United States. The team performed over 30 hip and [...]

How Can Total Knee Replacement Change Your Life?

What are the signs that you need knee replacement? What happens during total knee replacement? How can a knee replacement improve your life? As the largest supporting joint in the body, your knees come [...]

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