Dr. Travis Clegg and his team recently went on a mission trip to Guatemala. Their journey was a commitment to providing orthopedic care to those in need.

The team, consisting of doctors and nurses, devoted their skills and time to serving patients from the local community. Throughout the week, they performed hip and knee replacement surgeries for patients who had been waiting for these procedures.

During their trip, Dr. Clegg and the team met Hugo, a patient who had suffered from leg curvature and arthritis. The team was able to repair one of Hugo’s knees, and he is now recovering. Hugo will have his other knee treated on the next mission trip. His experience demonstrates the impact that orthopedic care can have on an individual’s life.

The accompanying photos showcase moments captured during this year’s trip and highlight the team’s work. Dr. Clegg and his team’s commitment to providing orthopedic care to those in need serves as an example of the importance of service in the medical field.

Take a look at some of the other incredible moments from this year’s trip.